Reduce Redness and Eliminate Brown Spots with Our Sublative Skin Care Services

Sublative treatments provide the results you desire without the worry of more invasive procedures. Sublative penetrates more deeply than creams & peels, and addresses your skin’s overall tone and texture more effectively than injectables. Sublative restores a youthful glow and smooths the texture of the skin without the pain and downtime associated with a needle or a knife.

Sublative effectively targets the skin’s imperfections while offering the following advantages:

  • Effective treatment for wrinkles and ace scars
  • Treatment in less than an hour
  • Minimal downtime
  • Safe and effective on all skin types

  • When you come to Laser Skin Care of Louisiana, we can utilize our Sublative treatments in conjunction with CO2 Lasers, Infini, Vi Peels, Micro Pens, and Fat Transfer techniques to ensure your results are astonishing.

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